Executive Coaching

The key to success is not to make yourself into a different person; it is to let yourself be even more of who you really are.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful means for enabling change and for evoking natural talent. In my work as an executive coach, I accompany an individual on a journey to greater effectiveness and fulfilment through exploration and increased awareness of themselves. The enhanced self-awareness facilitates new insights and increases choices, which lead to personal growth and increased impact, personally and professionally. It enables people to be true and authentic to what is most important to them. In short, coaching helps people to “be themselves better, on purpose”. Coaching provides a necessary pit stop in what can be a mindless race through life.

Why have a Coach?

In today’s complex, global, and 24/7 organisations, leaders do not get much space to pause, to reflect, to get input or feedback. E-mails and calls come fast and furiously. Decisions affecting people and other resources need to be made, quickly. Initiatives need to be launched, and seen through. The organisation needs to be managed for today, and led for tomorrow. Coaching provides a safe haven for reflection, a trusting and confidential relationship to which challenges and concerns can be brought without fear or shame. Coaching allows people to grow through life, rather than simply go through life.

Who do I Coach?

I coach leaders, executives, and high potentials who are inspired to give to their fullest ability and potential, who want to see a bigger impact from their efforts. I also have a particular passion for and expertise in working with senior women leaders. By exploring what is most important at both a personal and professional level, I support leaders who want to play true to their ambitions, strengths and values, while contributing to organisational success.

What is Coaching used for?

Coaching works powerfully for:

  • Promotions, transfers and hiring into a new role (first 100 days)
  • Proactive development of leadership skills for a new position
  • Addressing “blind spots” and “over-used strengths” that are beginning to hamper performance
  • Challenging entrenched mind sets that need to be questioned if new skills are to develop
  • Enabling people to show up and be their “best selves” and live their aspirations – daily

How I Coach

I bring:

  • Business experience – multiple sectors, leadership and general management
  • Psychological mindedness – innate curiosity and intuition
  • Systemic and strategic focus – my client and their personal and organisational context
  • Attention to whole person and whole life – they cannot be separated
  • Passion, trust, caring, creativity and fun – so new possibilities can be explored safely

Outcomes from Coaching

We establish coaching objectives at the start of the coaching relationship and review these throughout the engagement, involving key stakeholders along the way (bosses, internal and external customers, direct reports). Outcomes include:

  • Increased visibility and impact when taking a new position
  • Enhanced leadership versatility for handling a broader range of situations
  • Greater coherence and presence with increased authenticity, being more “real”
  • Retention of valued employees through more engaged teams
  • Increased clarity, speed and trust, enabling work to be completed better and faster
  • Date: May 5, 2014