What Place Invites Living Fully NOW and Inspires Legacy?

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29 September 2022

Initially written during a webinar on Creative Blogging on 25 Oct 2021, led by Sam Allen

I find inspiration for living, for life, every time I head up into the Jura hills behind my house.

I take my dog, breathe in the freshness of the clean and pure air (yes – along with the pungent smell of cow pats!) A breeze gently tickling at the hairs on my bare arms. And I am immediately connected to the enormity and resilience of nature, and the perspective that that brings.

Wide open spaces, expansive skies, ancient mountains – reminding me that we are here but for a short time.

So why not live fully since we have been given this precious opportunity 

When we aspire to live fully, we remember to bring more of our talents and passions, skills and energy to the world. Which can only be a good thing. 

Time out in my beautiful back yard inspires me to live with the longer term, AND my own end, in mind.

I will die. You will die. Yes. Before we know it.

AND we can touch and shape lives that will last for longer than our own. And those people can, in turn, touch and shape others’ lives.

Way beyond our own time on this earth.

Being out in “big nature” connects me to the immediacy of NOW and the longevity of legacy 

What connects you to both the immediacy of NOW and the longevity of legacy?

What would help you to engage more fully in life, now, while you have this precious gift in your hands? And what choices and actions would inspire positive impact for people, more than humans, and our planet, over time?