Welcome to Kaleidoscope Development, where our passion is transforming individuals, teams and organisations for the better. We work with people who have the courage to make a difference – for themselves, their teams, companies and communities – even the planet.

If you have a desire to be your best self, and help your team, and/or your organisation be the best that it too can be; and if you are convinced that working environments can be more collaborative, creative, sustainable and impactful, then read on!

Kaleidoscope Development offers transformational services geared towards the business environment (Multinationals, SMEs, Not-For-Profits), and to individuals eager for support – and challenge – in their personal development. Services include Executive Coaching, Team Development, Organisation Change, and Strategic Talent Management. The common denominators in Kaleidoscope Development’s work are change and transformation, and engaging people’s inherent wisdom to create solutions that have sustainable impact.