Courage – Part Two


Courage – Part Two

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6th March 2015 Part two then is a small personal act of courage.  One of those “daily acts of courage” I referenced in part one.  Nothing wild or dramatic.  Nothing that will create even a ripple in anyone’s life but my own.  But still something that represents courage in that it involves my stepping out […]


Courage – Part One

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16th February 2015 Some time ago I wrote a couple of blog posts on Hope.  One reader’s response was a request that I write about Courage some time.  So here we are, at last.  Part One is about my changing reflections as to what courage is.  Part Two is one small personal act of “ordinary […]


Running on Purpose

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7th June 2014 This post has little – perhaps even nothing – to do with my professional work.  Other than the fact that it explains something of who I am, some of my passions and interests outside the work I do.  Which I would argue has A LOT to do with my professional work. I have always […]


Hope – Part Two

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28th April 2014 The second story that came to my mind about hope is that of “Pandora’s Box”. One of my children has recently been reading about some of the Greek Myths and Legends for school, and since I wasn’t entirely sure I knew the story of Pandora’s Box anyway, I did some research. Based […]


Hope – Part One

21st April 2014 I was with a prospective coaching client recently. We were finishing up our first face-to-face meeting, designed to have me better understand her challenges, and for both of us to determine whether or not we thought we could work well together. I asked a question I often ask at the end of […]